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We are all in here sharing, shopping, learning, set out in a stream of seemingly endless possibility.

Are you maximizing your potential … or are you caught in your own net-work? Let me help.

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Jack has a wonderful vision of how to put the newest technologies to work and the talented skill of being able to synchronize them across various platforms.
— Ken S. Heller, Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton
Rarely have I met someone like Jack who so eloquently breaks down complex paradigms into easily understandable terms.
— Michael J. Huth, Army Attache, Republic of Finland
Jack is a dedicated professional who truly understands the modern information environment. During my time in Iraq I relied on Jack’s relationships and recommendations daily to link key leaders with journalists and thought leaders around the world. He invariably delivered time after time and made our success possible.
— Matt Morgan, Writer
Jack provided an excellent presentation at a recent internal communications conference I attended in Washington, D.C. Along with his team, he provided several useful case studies, statistics, takeaways and tips about some of the Web’s most innovative communications vehicles.
— Andy C. Szul, Senior Communciation Specialist
Jack instinctively knows what to do and how to do it. He will move swiftly to get things done in a way that can bring calm order out of chaos.
— Dan Coberly, Senior Advisor, National Communication, EPA